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Welcome to the Maumelle Fire Department’s website.  The Maumelle Fire Department with its 40 full-time and 9 volunteer firefighters take pride in a “customer service” approach to the citizens and visitors of our community.  It is our goal to keep the public informed about the services we provide to the community whether it is in an emergent or non-emergent capacity.  Please feel free to contact me If you have any questions at 501-851-1337.


The City of Maumelle Fire Department provides an “all-hazards” emergency response to the City of Maumelle, Arkansas. Services provided by your Maumelle Fire Department include ,but are not limited to; fire suppression, basic and advanced life support emergency medical care, technical rescue, hazardous materials response at the operational level, fire inspections, fire investigations, plan reviews, fire prevention and education in the schools and public forums, and coordination of emergency management.

Our staff levels are 30 full-time career firefighters in the Operations Division, 3 Battalion Chiefs that supervise daily operations, 1 Fire Marshal and 1 Deputy Fire Marshal that conduct plan reviews and fire investigations, 1 Administrative Assistant, and an interim Fire Chief. On the Volunteer side of the department, there are 12 personnel who are paid per call.


The mission of the department is achieved through three operating commands: Emergency Response, Support, and Prevention. The Fire Department has a class 2 rating from the Insurance Service organization (ISO).