Transfer Station

The Maumelle Transfer Station is open to Maumelle Residents only for disposal. Whereas, anyone is welcome to recycle. Any resident using the Maumelle Transfer Station to dispose of wastes must pay the scheduled fee before entering the gate with an operator on duty. There is no charge to recycle; therefore an operator does not have to be on duty for people wanting to recycle. Proof of residency must be shown in order to use the facility to dispose of wastes.

What is a transfer station?

Individuals can dispose of a wide variety of solid waste materials at the Maumelle Transfer Station. All vehicles are required to separate recyclables, solid waste, yard waste, and any other material as directed by the attendant and unload them in appropriate areas of the facility.


  • The City reserves the right to refuse any materials
  • No material may be removed from the vehicle without the attendant's permission.