Facilities Board

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Regular Meetings

  • 6:30 p.m.
  • Dates for 2020: Feb 11, May 12, Aug 11, and Nov 10
  • City Hall
    550 Edgewood
    Suite 590
    Maumelle, AR 72113


  • Dave Gattinger, Chairman
    Term: June 2019 - May 2024
    69 Stoneledge Drive
    Maumelle, AR 72113
    Phone: 501-310-8563
    Email Dave Gattinger
  • John David Hodges, Secretary
    Term: June 2006 - May 2021
    9 Nimrod Cove
    Maumelle, AR 72113
    Phone: 501-803-0321
    Email David Hodges
  • Tony Wilson
    Term: June 2020 –May 2025
    11555 Crystal Bay Circle
    North Little Rock, AR 72113
    Phone: 501-258-4165
    Email Tony WIlson 
  • Cheryl Schluterman, Treasurer
    Term: June 2018 - May 2023
    126 Montpellier Drive
    Maumelle, AR 72113
    Phone: 501-258-7129
    Email Cheryl Schluterman
  • Tom Boothe
    Term: June 2017 - May 2022
    164 Mountain Valley Drive
    Maumelle, AR 72113
    Phone: 501-414-6905
    Email Tom Boothe

Section 2-584 - General Powers

The public facilities board is empowered to: 

  1. Own, acquire, construct, reconstruct, extend, equip, improve, operate, maintain, sell, lease, contract concerning or otherwise deal in or dispose of any one or more public facilities authorized in A.C.A. § 14-137-106 or any interest in such facilities, including without limitation leasehold interests in and loans evidenced by promissory notes and secured by real estate mortgages and/or security interests in personal properties of such facilities from their owners and to make loans to mortgage lenders (as defined in A.C.A. § 14-136-106) to provide financing for such facilities.
  2. Issue bonds through a licensed bond broker, to obtain funds and revenues for the accomplishment of any of the public facilities projects authorized in this division, either alone or together with other available funds and revenues.

For more information on the role of the Facility Board, please view the Municipal Code.