Ground Maintenance Division Responsibilities


The Grounds Maintenance  Division maintains walking paths including litter pick up, weed eating,  mowing, and sweeping when necessary. The Grounds Maintenance Division  provides mowing and litter pick-up at the Courts Building, Fire  Department, and Public Works.

In addition to the some of the city facilities, the Grounds Maintenance Division maintains three City owned parks including:

  • Turtle Park
  • Millwood Park
  • Monarch Park
There are 22 right-of-ways and medians maintained by the Grounds Maintenance Division:
  • Audubon Drive
  • Bringler Drive
  • Burkhalter Drive
  • Carnahan Drive
  • Casey Drive
  • Champs Drive
  • Commerce Drive
  • Commercial Park Drive
  • Country Club Parkway
  • Counts Massie
  • Crystal Hill Road
  • Edgewood Drive
  • Hyman Drive
  • Louis Nelson
  • Maumelle Boulevard
  • Millwood Circle
  • Murphy Drive
  • Naylor Drive
  • North & South Odom
  • Pine Forest
  • Robinson Drive
  • Woodland Drive


In general, the Public Works Grounds Maintenance division has responsibility for maintaining the grounds of all City-owned property and rights-of-ways. It is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Seasonal mowing
  • Weed eating
  • Tree trimming
  • Litter removal- approximately 1320 gallons of trash picked up per week by litter crew
  • Cleaning flowerbeds
  • Mulching
  • Clearing of brush
  • Planting flowers, shrubs, etc.
  • Graffiti abatement at park, tunnels, & open space locations
  • Administers weed control for rights-of-way, traffic islands, and privately owned, vacant/neglected properties (upon request from Code Enforcement).
  • Edges sidewalks and curbs on City properties
  • Mows approximately 200 acres of turf within the city including open spaces & three parks
  • Maintains 12 flower beds throughout the City
  • Removes snow/ice from city wide facilities
  • Provides herbicide spraying for weed control on 22 miles of City streets & ditches
  • Edges and mows some street right of ways

During winter months (December – March), Grounds Maintenance Division  performs preventive maintenance on lawn mowers and other small  equipment.  All maintenance on lawn mowers is done in house.  By doing  the preventive maintenance in house, it saves several thousands of  dollars a year. There are times Grounds Maintenance Division is asked to  cut trees or shrubs in medians or right-of-ways or move furniture for  the different departments. They are often looked upon as the “helping  hands” city wide.

Mosquito Control Program

The Grounds Maintenance Division has a Mosquito Control program which provides spraying, and larviciding control for mosquitoes city wide from Spring through Fall. The city is divided in 3 routes (north, middle, and south) for mosquito spraying. Every Thursday night, during this season, a scheduled route is run. The schedule repeats until the season ends.