Dispose of plastics in brown container marked "R3". (Items must be rinsed; lids are acceptable. There is no need to remove labels.)

Acceptable Items

  • Cleaner containers (window, toilet, etc.)
  • Detergent and bleach containers
  • Milk / water jugs
  • Syrup bottles
  • Soda / juice bottles
  • Sunscreen / medicine bottles
  • Salad dressing bottles
  • Shampoo bottles

Unacceptable Items

  • No automotive fluid bottles, oil, antifreeze, brake fluid*
  • No pesticide containers*
  • No styrofoam
  • No PVC pipe, rubber tubing
  • No vinyl siding
  • No flexible water hosing
  • No  food containers (clear, clear top / brown bottom, clear top / styrofoam  bottom, or clam shell food containers usually for take-out food and  fruits / vegetables)
  • We do not accept round plastic containers like yogurt or margarine tubs or plastic bags

*Containers that are empty can be placed in the blue refuse cart.