All about Fiber Optic Installation

Internet install steps

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

  • What is going on? Utility companies are upgrading existing services and installing new fiber optic service directly to residents of Maumelle.
  • How long will it take?  Over the next one to two years, fiber will be installed in every neighborhood around the City, and divided into shorter phases over time.
  • Will there be pedestals or boxes in my yard? It depends on the type of installation. AT&T Fiber is able to be installed underground due to the nature of fiber, but Comcast services will use coax cable, which requires above ground facilities, so both below ground boxes and above ground pedestals may be present.
  • Will my yard be returned to normal? All work undertaken must be within utility rights of way. City Code requires that all areas be repaired to the same standards as before if not better.
  • What do I do if there is damage to my property? First, wait until you see that all work has been completed and restoration attempts have been made. Second, contact the customer service number on the flyer left on your door or yard signs posted in the neighborhood where work is being conducted. Third, report it on the SeeClickFix app or call the City at 501-851-2500.
  • What do I do if my other utilities go out? First, contact the utility provider emergency number to report an outage. Second, if there are contractors actively working in the area during the outage, notify them of the situation. Third, contact the City at 501-851-2500 if you need additional assistance.
  • How do I find out more information? Contact the Maumelle Planning & Permits Department at 501-851-2500.
  • What is the benefit? Access to high speed internet, improved utility services, and increased variety of providers to choose from.
  • Why do they have to do this? State Law authorizes access to rights of way for providing utility services.
  • What if I don’t want them in my yard? Utility services have a right to place their services within the right of way. If you have concerns about the location of services in your yard, contact Maumelle Planning & Permits at 501-851-2500
  • What is the city doing to protect me? The City has implemented improved permitting, site monitoring, policies and procedures to keep contractors in check, and a commitment to make sure utility companies repair any damages during construction. Every contractor is bonded, and City Staff are available to assist you if needed.